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Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring

Models created by using the data obtained from the field are used to prevent possible occupational accidents and also to make OHS follow-ups of the personnel. In our OHS Platform, which is produced within this scope, companies receive support on different topics.

Smart Cities

OHS Dashboard

It is a platform where companies can access different violations and reviews from a single place and receive instant and timely notifications.

Safe Path and Designated Area Violation Tracking

Camera tracking system of the safe roads determined by the companies in the production areas and the areas where a certain number of personnel are allowed to approach.

Crane Safe Height Tracking

It is a software module produced to prevent possible accidents that can be caused by objects lifted by cranes to the environment and personnel.

Other Topics

Apart from the issues mentioned above, our company provides artificial intelligence and image processing support on many OHS issues such as forklift distance violation tracking, PPE Tracking, Personnel Ergonomics Analysis.