About Innoflux


Company Profile

We are a group of young, talented entrepreneurs and engineers generating ideas to build a better future. We pride ourselves on the smart solutions and unparalleled services we deliver to companies of all sizes.

As Innoflux Technology, we believe that the right understanding and technology advantage will carry companies to a successful future.



Integrating Artificial Intelligence solutions into life and industry



Making a positive impact in every area where our engineering solutions are used

Our Team

A strong business plan makes sense with a good team.

We, who have a common dream, are together to use our competencies in practice to bring our business idea to life.

As Innoflux, we think that our most valuable part is the awareness that our determination to work is a contribution to the future.

As a team, knowing that artificial intelligence solutions are a part of the future, we are working to have a contribution in this future.